How to Choose the Best Meditation Music for You

Meditation is one of the oldest ways to finding serenity and removing stress and has been practiced by different people all over the world. Most of the time, meditation is accompanied by music to maximize its relaxing capacity. The widespread use of this relaxation technique has given rise to the use of different kinds of music. Choosing the best meditation music for you depend on your preferred style of meditation. Here is some of the music that is usually helpful.

Classical music is one of the most used for present day meditation. There have been studies that showed its effect in meditation as well as for developing high IQ in babies. This is because classical music is has soft sounds and feels smooth to the ears so that the mind is relaxed and refreshed. Religious sects have used Gregorian sounds as well as primordial sounds such as making low sounds of “Ohm’s” in meditation. These are songs of low key and soothing harmonics especially designed to ease the minds of the listeners as well as the singers so that whatever psychological burdens they bear are somewhat eased. Most people who use these kinds of music are using meditation techniques based on their religion.

Primordial sounds are associated with Indian meditation. The sounds of nature are known to be the most calming among meditation sounds. If you live near the mountains or the forest, you are probably one of the lucky ones with low stress levels. You can notice that monasteries and temples are usually located in the mountains to give serenity to the monks’ minds and souls. CD’s of sounds of nature are now available to give everybody the chance to enjoy nature even in the middle of a busy city. Instrumental music can also be used in meditation, be it classical or contemporary. It is usually of strings like guitars, violins, harp, chimes, piano, or flute. The soft sounds and its sweet melodies help a lot to relax those tired muscles and revive the cluttered mind. CD’s are easily available in stores as well as can be downloaded online.

People who are active Christians turn to the bible as their form of meditation. A great accompaniment to this activity is Christian tunes, songs and instrumentals. These tunes are usually sung during church services and masses. CD’s are also available and can be listened to while reading the bible and feel the presence of God. There are no hard and fast rules as far as meditation is concerned, as there are many ways of doing it. Each part of the world has its own technique on meditation; the designs for places of meditation also vary so it is not surprising that there are different kinds of music to meditate to.

So before you want to know how to choose the best meditation music for you, decide which type of meditation you want to adapt to. Or you can make your own style of meditation, after all you will be the one to benefit from this activity and it is your mind that will be refreshed.